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Hey there crafty friends! I’m popping in today to share something that I realized you all might not be aware of. I have an Etsy shop and have been selling my cards for some time but we also create and sell crafty tools and embellishments on there too!

Let’s introduce you to some of the fun things we sell. You can click the links to get to the various “departments” if you’d like to check them out more. Feel free to comment or email if you have questions too!

Magnetic Die Holders

We have created these awesome die holders that are magnetic so you won’t lose your dies on your desk anymore. They’re so handy and come in a variety of styles – paw print, flower and skull – and different colors are available too!

Embellishment Trays

We offer a variety of styles in our embellishment trays too. They are perfect for dumping your baggie of embellishemnts in to sort through and choose what you need. Then use the perfect little pour spout to put them back in without spilling them everywhere.

I also use these trays to hold my die cut images until I’m ready to use them on my card…and let’s be real, I have a few that stay stocked with those extra images that I’m sure will find a home on a card some day.

These trays come in the circle shown above plus a star, honeycomb, skull and adorable cloud!

Trinity Stamps Blending Brushes and Colored Caps

I absolutely love the Trinity Stamps blending brushes and wanted to come up with a way to tell what color the brush was for without removing the caps that protect the bristles. This was the perfect solution! The colored caps do multiple things at once…

  1. The tell you the color of ink the brush is for.
  2. They add a little stability so the brushes don’t fall down anymore.
  3. They are magnetic and coordinate with our platforms to really hold them in place when you aren’t using them.

These caps are available in 3 color family sets – primary, neutral and secondary for a total of 12 colors. They coordinate with our single- and double-wide platforms as well. If you don’t have Trinity blending brushes yet, we also have those available on the site in singles or a set of 4.

Single– and Double-wide Platforms

Like seen in the 2 previous photos, we offer these great platforms in 2 sizes – single and double – that coordinate with the magnetic brush caps and the next item on the list, the magnetic tray. We are hoping to expand this series with other helpful items in the future too.

Magnetic Tray

We are trying to add to the platform series by adding other tools that will be useful. Right away we thought of this great tray that is magnetic so it can hold your dies when they aren’t in use. It is sized to coordinate with the single– and double-wide platforms too. In the photo you can see it being used on a single-wide platform and 3 Trinity blending brushes.

A fun thing about this tray is that you can choose the color of the insert so all your items can coordinate.

Copic Marker Tray Divider

I have a bunch of these clear plastic holders on my desk to hold all of my copic sketch markers. Well, over time I’ve snagged (and been given) some copic ciao markers and noticed that they fell over because these aren’t made for that shape.

So we set to work and created the gray divider you see in the photo that snaps to the top of your case and holds everything upright even when the slot next to it is empty. It’s been very helpful.


And finally, I’m super excited that we are carrying our own embellishments to use on your fabulous creations! These will be ever growing and changing so if there’s something you really love, be sure to let us know and we’ll make it a regular item we carry. Until then, I plan to rotate through different options to keep the variety fresh and fun!

Did you know these embellishments are super fun for kiddos to put in slime too? My daughter loves doing that. You can get at least 2 batches of slime out of each embellishment package.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I think that’s all for now friends. I’d love to know your thoughts on our products if you have a moment to leave a comment. Which is your favorite? Have you ordered already and have suggestions for other people?

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you sharing your time with me. I hope you have a fabulous day!

3 thoughts on “Twiddler’s Nook Shop

  1. Would love to see the paw print magnetic die holder in some neutral colors like black, navy, grey, or brown to give more decor options. The colors you have now are cute though!

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