Birch Press Design – Trio of Ornament Tags

Happy weekend everyone! Today I’m over on the Birch Press Design blog with a step-by-step on how I created these awesome Christmas ornament tags. I know it’s crazy to think about Christmas already but it’s going to sneak up on us before you know it.

These new layered ornaments are just beautiful and so much fun to mix and match! I can’t wait to try these in lots of other color combinations too. Cool blues and teals would be beautiful! Don’t you think?

Here’s a look at each individual tag as well. This was the first one I create and I think it’s my favorite. I just love all that detail and how the baubles finish it off.

Then I tried this one, adding a word sentiment across the middle. I would love to get dies for the word joy or merry. I think they would be just beautiful on this style.

And this last one is just beautiful! I love the cut line detail and the star burst in the center. So pretty!

Do you work on Christmas early? I have friends who try to tackle a little each month all year long and others who won’t touch it until after Thanksgiving. I find myself somewhere in the middle…also lots of great intentions that don’t come to fruition. haha.

I appreciate you sharing your time with me. Have a fabulous day!

One thought on “Birch Press Design – Trio of Ornament Tags

  1. These are just beautiful!
    I’ve been doing some Christmas projects each month this year, thanks to joining a challenge group where I sign up monthly and commit to 4 hours. I can skip a month if I want, or drop out altogether… but so far, I’ve stuck with it! It’ll be great when December rolls around and I have a nice stash built up!

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