Thermoweb – Thankful For You

Happy Monday my friends! I’m super excited that it’s Thanksgiving week! We love Thanksgiving at our house. Getting together to hang out, play games, chat and eat good food! Seriously, what gets better…other than crafting? Haha!

Today I’m over on the Thermoweb blog with this set of adorably fun deco foil thankful cards to share!

This ended up being one of those projects where I was having fun and just couldn’t stop so I ended up with 6 fun turkeys and that turned into 6 thankful cards. Not a bad problem to have though. I am excited to write in each one and give them out this week.

For all the details on how I made these, head over to the Thermoweb blog where I share a photo tutorial from start to finish and have links to all the products used too!

I appreciate you sharing your time with me. Have a fabulous day!

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