13 Days of Tricks and Treats – Day 6

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m excited to share this project because my husband and I created it together. I found a pattern on Pinterest for this cool ball-type treat holder but it was going to require a lot of tracing and hand cutting…not my favorite. So, together we (he did most of the work) created a cut file for my Cricut so I could let the machine do all the work! It’s fantastic!

These cool ball treat holders require no adhesive to keep them together and are easy to put together and take apart as many times as you want. If you created them for decorations you could take them apart and store them flat too!

I cut the main file out of orange cardstock and then cut one of the sections apart and used 3 of those per ball out of black. Then I used a couple of background stamps I had and stamped texture to them. The black has white polka dots and the orange has orange woodgrain. I glued the black to the orange panels and just going in order hooked the ends around each other until they are all hooked and it’s closed. That’s that!

See when you gently squeeze the top and bottom, the open side shows itself which makes a great place to slide in tricks or treats. 😉 And also for the recipient to get them out without needing to open the whole ball.

These were fun to make and while I was at it I cut out a bundle of red, green and white ones for Christmas too! Stay tuned for those to be finished. I’m thinking some glitter stenciling for those.

I appreciate you sharing your time with me. Have a fabulous day!

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