13 Days of Tricks and Treats – Day 7

I’m silly excited to share a trick with you today! I didn’t want to have too many since these were going to kids but what’s the fun if it’s all treats???

We made these super easy and adorable little boxes and squished rubber snakes in each one. Here is the link to the original post where I got my instructions. She has a video which is always helpful as well.

For mine I cut the box out of purple cardstock and simply took the bats from The Rabbit Hole Designs Hex Yeah stamp set and stamped them all over. I punched the wholes, adhered them with Scrappy Tape and tied them up with orange ribbon.

I did contemplate a sentiment strip somewhere on it but my daughter was so excited with the unassuming simplicity that she convinced me to leave them alone. She’s so excited to share these at school. I think she’s honestly more excited to share the tricks than the treats. She must be my child!

Here’s another look from above so you can see the dimension that you end up with.

I’ve made these numerous times in the past and put whatever candy suits me at the time. There is plenty of room for a few Hershey’s kisses or even the mini candy bars.

I appreciate you sharing your time with me. Have a faboooolous day!

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